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Die For Me, He Said

tonight you look so pretty

31 May 1986
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I'm 21 *again*.
I married my HS sweetie.
Random ppl call me exotic.
In Kindergarden I was named 'Fancy Bear.'
I curse and talk shit like whoa.
My hair is never one colour.
I spell 'colour' with a 'U'
I'm a MAC whore.
I have 14 tattoos & 16 piercings.
I collect gay boys.
I heart random penguins.
I have more porn than you.

Jon and I have been married for
over four years, and have just
begun a new life in Washington,
where Jon has been stationed at
McChord Air Force Base.
We have a beautiful son
Dominic Orion Vierra.
We were blessed with him
21 July 2009
and I could not ask for a better family.

Ji Vierra

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